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Hot off the press! This skin tightening treatment is making headlines all over social media and Internet. Why? It's a non-surgical alternative to procedures like Botox, Laser Skin Repair, Injections, and Plastic Surgery. The minimal downtime and amazing results of Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening are making this a 'must try' for clients, and a 'must add' for industry professionals in this field. 

After careful research and collaboration with leading experts in Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening Treatments, we have created a custom training program taught by a team of licensed professionals. This custom training program assures the highest ethical standards. Licensed PlasmaLift Experts, and long time PMU Professionals lead this course and are available to you after graduation. We are also available for immediate consult during your first client procedures. 

We cherish our students, and they know it. 

'Learn by Doing'


Kristan Pietromonaco

The Stroke of Beauty

Owner/Master Training Instructor  


4 Day Microblading Certification Course $1850

We put our students first in every way. Though experience, this course is designed and presented in specific order to focus and master the most vital procedure steps. We know this is the best way to give our students the greatest chance of success right after graduation.   

We go 'hands on' on the first day. Actually, we go 'hands on,' the first hour. The only way to learn a procedure, the only way to learn how to do this, is to do it.  

  • Models, models, models. One on One' Instructor guided model training sessions. 
  • Job Placement - see your own clients right from our salon after graduation.

Microblading Course Material

  • Photo/Video Package. Picture package for your new business of you and your work. Your before and afters, 'The reveal" video of you and your model. Class group pics, you in action. All taken during class week, edited and sent to you the week following graduation.
  • Procedure Repair - Reaction incident Plan 
  • Health Dept requirements - safety - health inspection check assistance. Personalized county licensing.  
  • Marketing - Get and keep clients. Social Media Advertising / Posting tips. This is worth the price of the class all by itself. 
  • ALL Printable/Changeable Consent forms and legal documents Provided. Flyers/ad examples/ phone messaging templates
  • Answers to common questions template for client message responses
  • Insurance 101- Where and how to get the coverage you need.
  •  Scheduling Your Clients - Booking -Phone/Message Etiquette 101
  • Phone/Message/In Person Client communication Script.
  • Managing Your New Business/Serious Tax Advice Licensing Laws Regulations 
  • Complete Supply Vendor Lists for EVERYTHING



  • Complete Supply Kit Included ($400 value)
  • Eyebrow measuring/mapping
  • Expert Skin Theory
  • Tools of the trade - detailed use
  • Perfecting The Stroke 
  • Brow Shaping - Face Evaluation - More Mapping
  • Color Theory - Custom Color - Pigment Mixing/Blending
  • Client Assessment
  • More Perfecting the Stroke / Mapping
  • Mannequin Simulated In salon complete procedure practice
  • Dos and Don'ts -  common mistakes and a ton MORE! 

We cherish our students, and they know it... This is NOT like any other training course. We promise you that. 

 *Students can bring additional models for practice with further guided instruction*  Our students can stay with us until they are ready to go out on their own. 


Stretch Mark & Scar Cover/Camouflage