PMU / Plasma Pen Course Requirements

Hello students. The Stroke Of Beauty Training Academy welcomes you into the exciting World of 'all things' beauty. 

Most asked questions:  

Do I need a license to become certified in Plasma Fibroblast Treatment? 

No. You DO NOT need to be a licensed Esthetician. There is currently no license needed to become a Certified Plasma Fibroblast Practitioner. 

What Plasma Pen is FDA Approved?

Current information as follows. There is no agency governing this procedure, for example a cosmetology board. 

The pen you use only matters to the insurance companies who offer Plasma Fibroblast Practitioner Insurance. Most simply require the pen you're using be FDA Registered. 

Plamiere Plasma Pen is FDA Approved for facial message ONLY (whatever that means) BUT the battery only lasts a maximum of 2 hours. So unless you're planning to buy 2 or 3 --  you'll be in trouble when scheduling more than one appointment, a large area etc...  

Maglev Plasma Device is registered. The battery life is 2 days + and the results are amazing. Upon research of this device online, chances are you will find different pens that look the exact same. Confusing I know, but one might be $45-$800. WHY? This is because the shell of these devices looks the same and was obviously sold in bulk to many different companies, BUT IT IS THE OPERATING SYSTEM that matters. Basically what is inside the device. 

You will learn about these devices, how they function, and what to look for in the specifics of a device, and MUCH in this Certification Course. 

We care about each student and their success and it shows. 

See you in class.

Please obtain the following certificate/license BEFORE first day of class. 

ALL Students Must Complete Bloodborne Pathegons Certification Online. (Medical Professionals, Nurses etc... are excluded). 

1.  Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate of Completion for your county from Above Training. They are OSHA Approved.

Microblading, Scar Camouflage, Tatto Removal, Lip Blush & Eyeliner Students:

2.  Sacramento County Environmental Health Practitioner Body Art Tattoo Licence. Print, fill out form and either submit yourself or bring it on the first day of class with a $94 money order

 (I have applications available on first day as well)

3. Pay Enrollment deposit to hold class seat. Deposit amount will be deducted from tuition balance first day of class. 

5. All supplies will be provided for class in your kit. 

6. Please wear scrubs or dark colors on model day. 

First day of class: 

1. Bring Bloodborne pathogens completed certificate (Medical Professional Lic.)

2. Completed body art practitioner application (If Applicable)  $94 cash, check or money order

3. Valid identification

4. Form of tuition payment

*Lunch is served on first day* 

(40 min. lunch break & two 15 Min. each day)

We are so excited to share this journey with you. 

See you soon!


Kristan Pietromonaco

Owner/Master Training Instructor