Hello students. The Stroke Of Beauty Microblading Training Center welcomes you into the exciting World of 'all things' beauty. 

Please obtain the following certificate/license BEFORE first day of class. 

1.  Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate of Completion. Placer County. Must be Placer County. www.abovetraining.com

2.  Placer County Environmental Health Practitioner Body Art Tattoo Licence. Print, fill out form and either submit yourself or bring it on the first day of class with a $94 money order

 (I have applications available on first day as well)


3. Pay Enrollment deposit to hold class seat. Will be deducted from tuition fee first day of class. ('Class enrollment' drop down) 

5. All supplies will be provided for class in your kit. 

6. Please wear dark colors on model day. 

First day of class: Bring Bloodborne pathogens Completed Certificate, completed body art practitioner application, $94 cash, check or money order. Valid identification. Form of tuition payment.

*Lunch is served on first day* 

(40 min. lunch break & two 15 Min. each day)

We are so excited to share this journey with you. 

See you soon!


Kristan Pietromonaco

Owner/Master Training Instructor

Please feel free to ask any questions. 

Note: if we have made special arrangements regarding schedule those still apply.